Review of the Cobra Cage from a Chastity Geek’s Perspective

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cobra chastity cage with hand


The Cobra Male Chastity Lock device is a cheap copy of the KINK Cobra 3D-Printed chastity device. It is a 3D-printed device that looks like the original, and the parts fit together the same. The device is made from strong, lightweight plastic and appears quite durable. 

Living in South Korea made it challenging for me to purchase kink3d products. Due to budget constraints, I opted for the replica version of their cage, the Cobra Chastity. Through my experiences with this product, I’ve identified both its advantages and drawbacks. By this post, I’d like to share that information with you.

Features in Cobra Chastity

Introducing this 3D printed plastic product. Cobra Chastity is mostly black colored, but white or pink may also be available depending on the seller. The main ingredient is ABS plastic.

The tube boasts a unique and well-ventilated structure that is hard to come by in plastic products. Split into two parts – a cylindrical portion for the penis and a convex portion for the glans – the cage itself is undeniably reminiscent of male genitalia. These thoughtful details ensure not only functionality, but a eye-catching design.

Conveniently, the cage features a hole at the bottom for urination. If the glans is fitted snugly, it’s even possible to use a urinal while standing. However, be mindful that the hole is not generously sized and requires careful alignment before use.

The base ring adheres to the standard shape. Some of newer products offer a thicker base ring to prevent discomfort or chafing under the testicles. The newest virsions even have a curved base ring for a closer and more secure fit near the groin. However, keep in mind that this feature narrows the distance between the cage tube and the base ring. Therefore, the curved base ring is not recommended for those with tighter and higher scrotums.

One unique aspect of the Cobra Male Chastity Lock device is that the cage is wider than it is in height. The cage has an oval shape instead of a circle. One of the benefits of this shape is that it distributes pressure evenly across the lower part of the testicles. However, if the penis is flaccid, there is a slight possibility of escape due to the shape.

cobra chastity cage tube size table

Components in Cobra Chastity

Base Rings

The Cobra Male Chastity Lock device comes with four different size base rings: 42mm, 45mm, 48mm, and 52mm. The base rings are the standard circular type. The variety of base ring sizes makes it easier to find a comfortable fit.

One thing that sets this product apart from others is that most sellers offer it as a package that includes four base rings. This is great news for beginners who may feel a bit nervous about accurately measuring their size. With multiple options to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for you without any added stress. 

Length and Diameter of Cobra Cage

The manufacturer provides this device in five different lengths. Micro (50mm), Tight (60mm), Snug (75mm), Comfort (85mm), and Max (100mm). The device has a 37mm (1.4 inches) inside diameter of the penis tube that will work for most men with average size penises.

MagicLock and Keys

The manufacturer provides a brass “MagicLocker” and two keys with the device. The MagicLocker and keys are standard, and there is nothing exceptional about them.


One of the greatest advantages of Cobra Chastity Cage is its affordability. On eBay, you can find a full package for under $20. The full package includes 4 sizes of rings, 1 tube, 1 brass magic lock, and 2 keys. This is a steal compared to other well-known brands like Holytrainer, kink3d, which can cost up to eight times more!

Honestly Cobra Chastity may not offer the same level of comfort or luxurious finish as some of these pricier options. But still, it is an excellent choice for those who are new to chastity cages and want to give it a try without breaking the bank. Think about it, for just the price of a couple of Starbucks coffees, you can explore a whole new experience!

cobra chastity cage with curved(arc) base ring

The Best Aspects

The ‘Cobra Chastity’ is a product that offers great benefits to those looking for a comfortable and lightweight chastity device. This cage mimics the shape of the original kink3d product, and that ensures a perfect fit. 

Weighing only 90g, it is so light that you might forget you are wearing it during your daily routine. In contrast to other full-cover plastic products, the Cobra Chastity has numerous holes. That structure not only improves ventilation but also makes it easy to maintain cleanliness and use the toilet. 

Its slightly curved shape of cage ensures that it is rarely exposed when appropriate underwear and pants are worn. Even if you wear it daily, your co-workers won’t notice the subtle restraint. And let’s not forget the design that emphasizes the glans, which is quite an attractive feature.

Also, it is worth noting that the overall sanding finish of the product is excellent and there have been no reported cases of skin damage from any protruding plastic parts.


One of the most frustrating issues with male chastity devices is when the penis gets stuck in the middle of the cage tube. While the product itself may be smooth and not cause any irritation to the skin, it doesn’t always slide on smoothly. This means that if the penis is pulled up to the middle of the tube and then back down again (such as when sitting down and standing up), it can often result in the glans getting trapped in the middle of the cage tube and unable to be positioned at the end of the cage.

This can be both an unsightly and uncomfortable problem, requiring frequent readjustments of the glans position in order to urinate. Unfortunately, the ventilation holes are too small to fit a finger through, making it difficult to fix the problem. This often results in awkward attempts to grab and rock the cage multiple times throughout the day.

Additionally, like many cheap plastic products, there may be issues with the joint between the tube and the base ring being too tight or too loose. Unfortunately, this comes from the production quality problem in low manufacturing price. You’d better consider this aspect when choosing your device.

man with headache

My Personal Experience

I have had the pleasure of donning the Cobra Chastity on numerous occasions, drawn to its alluring contours and lightweight design. Given my modest flaccid size of 4.3cm (1.7in) and erect size of 10.5cm (4.1in), I opted for the ‘micro’ and ‘tight’ version for optimal comfort.

In my humble opinion, this product is a great choice for short-term use, preferably not exceeding two days. The base ring is crafted with superb composition, providing ample support without imposing excessive pressure on delicate areas such as the testicles and sensitive skin. The tube’s inner diameter is impressive as well, unless one is blessed with an exceptionally large member. Unfortunately, I fall into this category, and found the tube a bit too wide for my liking, resulting in some disappointment.

As previously mentioned, those with high and tight testicles should exercise caution when selecting curved base rings, as they can cause uncomfortable squeezing.

Regrettably, there is one significant flaw with this product that I simply cannot overlook. The penis has a tendency to become ensnared in the middle of the tube several times a day, a predicament that anyone who has utilized the Cobra Chastity can relate to. Were it not for this issue, I would strongly consider wearing it for longer periods.

Furthermore, the urination hole is too small, presenting another challenge beyond the inconvenience of bathroom breaks. When attempting to use a PA piercing jewelry in conjunction with the Cobra Chastity, the hole is too diminutive, rendering the jewelry difficult to wear and exerting unnecessary pressure on the piercing site.

Do I Recommand?

After taking into account several drawbacks, I must acknowledge that this product is a commendable contender for a top-three spot in terms of cost-effectiveness. It is no small feat to find a chastity cage that offers both comfort and a velvety finish for roughly twenty dollars. Additionally, the inclusion of four different sized bass rings is a compelling proposition for newcomers to the world of chastity.

If you happen to be a novice in this area and wish to dip your toes into the world of chastity, the Cobra Chastity is certainly worth considering. Give it a try, and you’ll be able to determine if this form of play is to your liking. Furthermore, if you feel the desire to upgrade to a more expensive and superior product despite a few drawbacks, there are certainly better options available.

On the other hand, if you have already experienced chastity cages, particularly those constructed from stainless steel, this particular product may not offer much of a challenge. In such instances, it is best to save yourself the twenty-dollar investment.


Is the Cobra Male Chastity Lock device comfortable to wear?

While the device is constructed from strong, lightweight plastic and appears to be durable, its oval-shaped cage can cause chafing and discomfort after prolonged wear.

Does the Cobra Male Chastity Lock device offer options for PA wearers?

Unfortunately, no. The device is designed to be a standard ball-trapping device and does not offer any options for those with PA piercings.

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