Can You Wear Chastity Cage Through Security at the Airport?

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TSA Pat down check for chastity cage in airport security

Wearing a chastity belt is a personal choice that some individuals make for a variety of reasons, including kink, BDSM, and even as a way to avoid sexual temptation. However, for those who enjoy traveling, a question that often arises is whether or not the TSA would allow someone wearing a chastity belt to fly.

Good news

The good news is that the TSA allows medical implants and devices such as pacemakers, joint replacements, and even chastity to remain on the body. However, it’s important to note that you may attract additional attention from TSA agents and expect a pat-down if the chastity belt shows up on the scan.

Another option is to use a combination of a non-metallic product and a plastic air lock, or to wear a titanium product that won’t trigger metal detectors, making the likelihood of a pat-down much lower

Chance of Pat-Down

In some cases, if the TSA officer can’t clear the alarm, a private screening may be offered so that they can further investigate the situation. This could potentially be an uncomfortable experience, so it’s important to be prepared for the possibility.

To avoid any confusion or discomfort, it’s a good idea to inform the TSA agent of your situation before going through security. This will give them a heads up and help to prevent any misunderstandings during the screening process.

Below is an article from someone who experienced a pet down due to chastity at the TSA:

The Best Choice

Another option is to put on the chastity after passing through security screening. While this may be less convenient, it can help to avoid any additional screening measures or potential discomfort.

Overall, while wearing a chastity belt while flying is allowed by the TSA, it’s important to be prepared for some additional screening measures. By communicating with TSA agents and being upfront about your situation, you can help make the screening process as smooth and comfortable as possible.


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