Debunking Myths About Chastity Cage: Truth Will Set You Free

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Male chastity devices have been around for centuries. But there are still many misconceptions and myths. So, in this blog post, we will go through some of the most common myths about male chastity devices and provide the real facts.

Myth1: Only Used In BDSM.

Fact: While male chastity devices are common in BDSM relationships, they can also be used in more conventional relationships. The devices help to enhance sexual experiences, increase intimacy, and build trust in a relationship.

Myth2: Uncomfortable And Painful To Wear.

Fact: Modern chastity devices are comfortable and safe to wear. Many are made of high-quality, body-safe materials. And the devices have different sizes and shape options. Therefore every wearer can find their own cage. If it is right and comfortable size, it is not painful at all.

Myth3: Permanent.

Fact: Male chastity devices are not permanent. So, the wearer can remove the device whenever he wants. The users can wear devices for both short or long term. It just depends on the individual’s preference.

Myth4: Not Safe.

Fact: Male chastity devices are generally safe when used properly. But it’s important to care the device regularly to ensure that it is still comfortable and secure. If the device becomes uncomfortable or causes pain, it should be removed right away. In that case, most of the problems are temporary, and gets better when you take off your device.

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